Instapro Apk Download V10.30 Latest Version For Android 2023


Internet assessment is the need of this modern era. Through internet technology education, office work is going easier and most of the online work is done from home with the help of internet. Many social media networks like twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and many more are the sources of getting fame on social media. The most famous and widespread network is instagram (Instapro).


Many people use this app across the world. Instagram is a vast app which is all about sharing videos, stories, images and marketing reels stories. It gives various options to users to follow different brand pages, famous and favorite personalities and various news channels to remain up to date about current situation. Various people use instagram account just for their amusement. Instagram is an important social media app but as compared to Instagram Pro , it has many flaws like users cannot save or download photos, videos, images and stories. In that case, InstaPro Apk is a wonderful app with many advanced features and functions.

Additional Information

Name InstaPro 
Version V9.90
Android Requirements 5.1 or up
File Size 66 MB
Updated 1 day ago

Download V10.30


InstaPro is an advanced version of original instagram application. It permits users to download ant type of images, videos and stories. There are many modified functions along with that user can hide their online status, fonts, modify the previous themes and perform various interesting functions that are not present in original shape.

It is a modern app for every instagram user. Sam invented this app in 2019 and later it got fame and became viral. Now millions of people are using this app as their first priority and primary instagram application.

Instagram Mod Apk

It is duplicate version of original app. Android users develop and edit instagram’s source code and rearrange the app with modified functions and features. Now there are many developers which have this modified version. Some famous modes are Instagram Thunder, Instander and InstaPro.

insta pro latest version

InstaPro 2

We are already familiar with InstaPro app, now there is another advanced app with modified features and abilities that is called Insta Pro 2.  Actually this app is not different from previous one both are same. But there is major difference which is about the package name, the default package name of instagram is Sam developed three different names for both apps in order to use both applications.

These package names are;

However, InstaPro Mod Apk used for all purpose and has various exciting functions which are discussed below.

Insta pro apk

InstaPro Features

It has excellent functions that are not present in original Insta app. Your social media friends will be gusted up if you use these functions. Instapro app get new features in every month by updates and in coming days many new features will be developed in this app. Following features are very helpful while using this app.

  • Privacy terms like GB whatsAPP
  • Chat screen
  • Improvement
  • Feed and stories

Instapro ios

Instapro Special Features

  • UI Gesture
  • App lock
  • Assorted

Privacy terms like GB whatsAPP

Privacy is the main feature which is the number one priority of users. Other social media apps have no privacy function but Insta pro have this specific feature. By using this app we can hide our active status, typing status and last seen status also. Insta users enjoy every features with this advanced app. Users can view stories and status of other people without knowing them.

Conversation screen

In this app chat screen has different attractive features like text colors and fonts, colorful background and with routine background wallpaper. By using these features, you can make your chat screen more stunning as compared to others.


While uploading images in any apps and instagram, faces many issues like low quality and compressed images upload. During uploading media files compressed from original shape and we cannot control them. In Insta Pro, images are uploaded in original shape and we can control the quality from settings.

Insta Pro

Feeds and stories

Some important settings like users can enhance the time limit and speed for uploading videos and stories. This amazing feature is available in Insta Pro app.

Special features

Special features are the important part of this modern application. Through these features we can change the style and usage of instagram. If users are not interested in any post they can turn off notification for these subsidized posts. These special functions are discussed below.

UI Gesture

The specific signal permits to change and modify the existing gesture settings conferring to requirements. Double tap is a feature which is used to on the screen, triple tap used for downloading and also removes the swipe to cross the gesture.

App lock

Various options are available in this application like Face lock, fingerprint and PIN number. This application is applicable to all apps which are present in android to secure the any kind of data in device.


The advanced feature helps us to change the theme of instagram. It will change the style, appearance and format as well. Various fonts’ collections and themes are available in this feature.

Instapro Latest Version

How to install this app?

Follow these steps to install this app in your device.

  • Open chrome then write the name of this application and select the option for downloading.
  • Give permission to device for unknown apps. So that installation becomes easy.
  • Search the location for this downloaded file and start the process for installation.

After these steps, wait for some seconds and open the file for sign in to your device. Create account to continue the app. Now you can enjoy everything related to this modified app.

Instapro app only available for android users. If someone has iPhone or iPad then this app will not support these devices because Apple is the safe device and cannot permit the unknown apps to install in device. Anyhow, in future there is chance for modification in this app related to more security settings so that other devices allow Instapro for installation.

Questions related to Instapro

Is this app is safe?

The answer is yes. Because by using this app yet no one faced any issues.

How to update the new version?

Just visit the website regarding to instagram latest versions, download and install the updated version in your device.

Can users get instagram followers with this latest version?

No, this is not possible because latest version is totally different from original app with advanced features and users required new account to continue this app.

Suggestion for PC

If someone needs to download this app on PC then there is software available for installation in laptops and in windows pc. Emulator is a software that provides various operating systems to download this app.


Last but not the least no doubt Instagram Mod Apk  is extremely wonderful app with amazing features. This app is very helpful related to every aspect and users use this app for their data security and to keep privacy for other apps. Instapro is famous app which is top rating app we have ever noticed. Instagram Mod Apk provides liberty to use appropriately. Every month modified versions issue with different features.